We are flexible. As far as pronouns go we is much inflated. Large corporations who have neither an individual nor collective soul or their PR agents and advertising people like to say and write “we” and misuse this pronoun a lot – like in phrases like “we care” (they don’t).

But we do care and we can arrange for numerous things other hotels or bed and breakfast outfits won’t be bothered with.

We will pick you at the Mikulov train station or from the long distance bus stop – absolutely free of charge. Just let us know the time of your arrival and do so reasonably in advance.

We can pick you up either at Vienna or Brno airport at the cost, the cost being the price of gasoline, short term airport parking fee, highway tolls if any, and the minimum per hour per of the drive. This should come to about EUR 50 for Vienna and EUR 25 for Brno. Usually if you book a stay with us for a week or more (a week is probably the barest minimum you want to explore the immediate region of Southern Moravia and northern Wine Quarter or the Weinviertel of the Lower Austria, with their UNESCO landmarks, castles, innumerable vineyards and historic towns), then we’d pick you up for free.

Currently our airport pickup capacity is limited to a normal large car with 4 passengers in addition to the driver who does the driving. A large taxi (a van for 7 passengers) can be commercially ordered for 80 euros (mind you that the driver has to make a 160 km roundtrip).

We can arrange for a low cost car rental from local sources. Please tell us about your automotive preferences.

Trip planning. We’d help you out with your trip planning and can put together a semi-prepackaged tour for you.

We can also book sauna experience (at a near-by facility, they've also have a salt therapy cave, a smallish pool and other stuff) or stage a grilling party.

Likewise we would be happy to fax a message for you at the cost, to receive faxes free of charge or to mail your letters or post cards.