Who we are

Two people run in this bed and breakfast outfit in a shift-like manner.

The first one who happens to be the author of this text.

I was born in Leningrad, the Soviet Union from "mixed parentage" and escaped from the USSR in 1988 (and the age of 18, so you can figure out how old I am now. Pretty old).

I speak English, Russian, German, and strive to speak French. I understand Polish. I learned Polish as a teenager to the degree of proficiency that I could interpret from German into Polish but all is long forgotten. Because of some promixity of Czech and Polish, I might sometimes break from one language into another without no apparent cause but that usually happens after an inordiante quantity of beverages was consumed in the course of the discourse. Note to the former Soviet Union subjects, those from three certain republics of the USSR, I won't even bother to hold a conversation in an artificial variety of Euroenglish whilst Russian would do just fine.

Of course I am happy to chat in Czech. Always. Mluvím česky. miluju češtinu.