The Tavern

As of the time of this writing everything is still in a state of flux. 
Refer to our blog for menu updates. The tavern downstairs is opened informally because we haven't finished the main detached kitchen and operate from a small 'behind-the-bar" kitchen with all the ensuing limitations. So everything here is what it will soon be albeit the photos are representative of my cooking. There will also be a cooking / "our tavern" blog whilst the paragraph you are now reading will get deleted and readers will only see the text from the next paragraph down.

Liquors, largest selection of international beers around, regional Moravian cooking as well as Russian staples of traditional quality you cannot even get in a restaurant in Russia (like varieties of si (sometimes spelled as schi), the traditional sauerkraut soup, meaty solianka, roast duck with apples, stuffed cabbage), inspirational French country fare,  though imitational in nature but inspired by love for France and made with affection – confit de canard, Boeuf Bourguignon, just steak frites, goulash Viennese-style. The menu is not huge but whatever on it is fresh and worthy to be savored. If a restaurant’s menu is as thick as a phone book then most likely the stuff on it is frozen and inedible.

I would be happy to discuss your dining plans and preferences. We undertake culinary travels through cultures – from sushi to generic Scandinavian. We can also have guest cooks.  Pension Nicolsburg is partnered with two other Mikulov bed and breakfast operations. Together we offer grilling facilities for virtually unlimited number of people. We can stage a grilling party of any type or complexity. Roast pig anyone? Fantastic pig fests with entire hog roasted on a spit and unlimited supply of wine, beer and soft drinks.   
Wine – to enjoy on the premises or at home. A growing vinotheque from vintners on both sides of the border of what for almost a millennium was a single state.