This site contains no photo clipart or stock images. I took all the digital photos specically for this site and they all original and are not stolen or licensed from somebody else.

I also do film.

Not just I am an aspiring bed and breakfast operator, I am also a passionate amateur photographer.

I enjoy playing around with different photographic styles, genres and media. My preference is old fashioned film but I don't mind digital for certain things like I do believe digital is perfect for product photography.

Enjoy the photos. If you live in Southern Moravia, Brno, Weinviertel of Lower Austria (north of Vienna) and Vienna itself and want to employ (that's too pretentious a word though) or rather to try out the services of a middle aged but creative and inventive photographer who does both digital and film

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The Mikulov / Nikolsburg Flickr photo group - the Flickr group I administer, it would be fantastic you contribute your own photos of Mikulov (Nikolsburg) and surroundings.

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