About our bed and breakfast– a longish story

Nicolsburg is a private bed and breakfast operation; I can’t frankly call it an establishment, too pompous a word. Nicolsburg is located in Nicolsburg, that’s how the name of the town Nikolsburg was spelled before late 19th century in German, the historic language of its inhabitants, and which is now even to English speakers is better known by its Czech name of Mikulov.

I’ll avoid clichés like cosy, quaint, charming, old world (often meaning a trap for American visitors?), comfy, posh (it’s not), upmarket, or, on the other extreme, economy or other marketing banalities our site alas still seems to teem with. Instead I’ll jump straight to a straight and honest introduction on what are our bed and breakfast is, what it is not, what to expect and what not to, so you’d be then able to decide for yourself if you want to stay here.

Our Bed and Breakfast can and will get better because we or I still work on it. No grand opening yet. Hence the low, low rates. If you work on something it will usually with time get better. Be it a bed and breakfast or a garden. At the time of the writing, which is the end of April, 2013, the place is far from being finished: a separate kitchen in the courtyard and civilized place to have proper barbecue or stage an outdoors grilling party are both being built with the project probably to last well into the fall of 2013. Rooms will get better decorated with real (that is optically printed with an enlarger by myself as opposed to produced by ink-spraying digital printer) framed photographs, the space for the restaurant and bar in the cellar will become a proper small informal restaurant with a well-stocked bar. It is now a bit in a somewhat chaotic state. For the time being you are going to stay at a half-finished place, a semi-ready product, which however is still very much usable and enjoyable.

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Why Mikulov
About Mikulov
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About myself or us

The Good
Rooms are small, clean, recently finished, modestly furnished, though alas that was done without much imagination, in the pseudo rustic style, though overall the rooms are better than those of most private bed and breakfasts joints around albeit they are not per five star hotel standards. And are priced accordingly.
Beds, chairs, tables were crafted by an artisan carpenter from local (Moravian) furniture lumber stock and are not from Ikea or some similar purveyor of cheap overpriced imported schlock that is being imported from some regions of the Far East. Each room has its own private bath with all the “conveniences.” Of course.
All rooms have refrigerators (normally empty, please let me know if you want a full stocked minibar or what would you like in your refrrigerator).
All rooms have television (actually at this point almost all rooms do but in theory all, so please let me know if you need a television in your room, it’s free. I don’t watch television for example, and have no need for one).

At this time there are six rooms available to the paying guests Eventually, I hope within a year or so, the number would be expanded to 11. Currently this is a real private (though not exactly family-run) bed and breakfast operation. My small kids and I and my bed and breakfast partner, when he is in, live in the same building. The house is an old Nikolsburg house with foundation and cellar that dates from around 1500s, the over structure from the 1830s and the reconstruction of the roof section from 2008-2010 .

We restored the house with help of my Moravian friend or friends, loans and a great deal of courage because when I bought it the structure was ruined. The cellar, now a beautiful dining area or restaurant if you want and the wine cellar, which originally was a wine cellar, had been in a sorry state, as it has partially been used as a garbage dump with the rest filled with coal.

Walls are barren and empty right now within next few weeks I’ll hang some of my photos on them. Prints will first be digital reproduction of analogue scans (I only use film for photography) because I hadn’t set up a darkroom yet.

In any case, check out the Pension Nicolsburg blog for regular updates.

The Bad
And the warning. Rooms in the upper part of the house are American-inspired in the sense of technology and Czech (or Moravian) built. This combination means that is the sound insulation is poor though intent is always good. This is an almost universal problem here. I will get better insulation for the doors, but otherwise like everywhere in the land here one can hear things one doesn’t want to hear (let’s hope only those that really exist).

Mikulov itself – this is a separate story, that is coming very soon.

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Why Mikulov
About Mikulov
The Region
What to do here
Bar – Food
About ourselves

Restaurant and Bar
As of the time of this writing everything is in a state of flux.
Refer to our blog for menu updates.

Liquors, largest selection of international beers around, regional Moravian cooking, Russian staples of traditional quality you cannot even get in a restaurant in Russia (like varieties of şi (sometimes spelled as schi), the traditional sauerkraut soup, meaty solianka, roast duck with apples, stuffed cabbage), inspirational French country fare, though imitational in nature but inspired by love for France and made with affection – confit de canard, Boeuf Bourguignon, just steak frites, goulash Viennese-style. The menu is not huge but whatever on it is fresh and worthy to be savored. If a restaurant’s menu is as thick as a phone book then most likely the stuff on it is frozen and inedible.

I would be happy to discuss your dining plans and preferences. We undertake culinary travels through cultures – from sushi to generic Scandinavian. We can also have guest cooks. Pension Nicolsburg is partnered with two other Mikulov bed and breakfast operations. Together we offer grilling facilities for virtually unlimited number of people. We can stage a grilling party of any type or complexity. Roast pig anyone? Fantastic pig fests with entire hog roasted on a spit and unlimited supply of wine, beer and soft drinks.

Wine – to enjoy on the premises or at home. A growing vinotheque from vintners on both sides of the border of what for almost a millennium was a single