Do you own or run a hotel or a B&B? bed and breakfast is not just a tiny hotel with a small tavern but a pilot software project. If you own a bed and breakfast or a hotel, large or small, and are looking for hotel booking software, we would love to work with you. Small hotels can license the web-based booking element free of charge. Our interest lies in developing customizable, nationally and regionally adapted or easily adoptable turn-key versions of this web-based booking software that can be at some point be also marketed commercially.

If you already run a website, this hotel reservation package (we don't have a name for it yet but we will) can in most cases be easily incorporated in your existing website.

If your bed and breakfast or hotel does not have a proper website and if you want one as good as one of, then we would be happy to design a turn-key website for you or your establishment. You provide us with text, structure, photos, functionality preferences and we build a complete site like the with different colors, different photos, for a different location, which would also include a functional booking system.