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Mikulov is the name of the town in Czech  or Nikolsburg (the town’s name in German, along with now much dated Nicolsburg and Nicolspurg and even Nicolaisburg) is a picturesque town on the border of today’s Southern Moravian region of the Czech Republic and Austria.  I am not going to write a tourist brochure about Mikulov or Nikolsburg as the local tourist office has ample facilities for the task and I am all but a foreigner here with an interest in the region, not just of intellectual variety and curiosity to satisfy.

In the past the town belonged as a feudal fief to Dietrichsteins, a family that once had connections with Spain that played instrumental role in Habsburg counterreformation (remember that at one point Austria and Spain were in more or less one country, or rather in one dynastic union, and Nicolsburg was then firmly in Austria). Perhaps this implanted a distinctly Southern look on the today’s town of Mikulov. Whilst Moravia is in the South, Mikulov feels much more to the South than is Moravia.  I came across a suggestion that this is a piece of Italy transplanted on the edge of Moravia and to an extent it certainly feels like it. At least in the architectural sense.

As time goes by I will add a detailed architectural and historical guide for the cit, bit by bit, y but for now the contents of this site is of makeshift,temporary nature, and yes, everything is subject to updates and changes.

Come to Mikulov or Nikolsburg, you will like it. I did.


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